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Martz: "We Don't Have a Playbook"



    Martz: "We Don't Have a Playbook"
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    First quarter of the first game. That's how soon Jay Culter expects the Bears offense to be in sync.

    "We're going to be good," Cutler said with a confidence fans who watch preseason aren't likely to match. "We did some great stuff, did some really great stuff on film that we're building on."

    His new offense coordinator Mike Martz agreed.

    "Yeah, I think in the first quarter we'd like to come out and be sharp," Martz said. Now how they're going to execute this is more difficult than you might think considering Martz said the Bears don't even have a playbook. 

    "We really don't have a playbook," Martz said. He has a "system book."

    The book that has morphed into something different each year that Martz has coached. It's not a playbook but more like a diagram for calling an offense. 

    It's not like your typical West Coast Offense where the first 10-20 plays of the game are scripted.  But it's not off the cuff, either.

    "No gut feeling," Martz said. "It's based on what you see and how the game is being played."

    It's a mystery. But obviously the Bears have something up their sleeve for he home opener against Detroit.

    Moments after uttering those words, Mike Martz turned to the TV Cameras taping practice and said: "Please don't film this, please don't film this, please don't film this."

    It seems the curtain goes up for the true unveiling on Sunday.