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Midday Stampede: Jason Kidd Interested in the Bulls?

A free agent after July 1, Jason Kidd says he's considering playing in Chicago



    Midday Stampede: Jason Kidd Interested in the Bulls?
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    Could Jason Kidd be coming to Chicago this summer?

    After the big news on Monday that the Bulls are looking to trade Luol Deng and somehow get into the lottery, Tuesday's basketball news of the day has Jason Kidd reportedly showing an interest in playing for the Chicago Bulls.

    Since Derrick Rose's knee injury, talk of adding a veteran point guard in the off-season to help keep the ship afloat until their All-Star can come back has been rampant and names like Kidd, Steve Nash, Andre Miller have all been tossed around as viable possibilities.

    But Kidd is the first player to actually go on record and say that he'd be interested in playing in Chicago. The veteran could not only be a valuable mentor to Rose once he returns from injury, but he'd also teach him the nuances of the point guard position which would make him an even more dangerous player than he already is.

    July 1st is only a few weeks away and the NBA Free Agency period should be thrilling, especially in Chicago as the 2012-2013 roster could be unrecognizable if the Bulls pull off all the things that have been reported of late.