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Kerry Wood's Retirement: Cigarettes and Karaoke

Retired Cubs pitcher parties in Lincoln Park with Eddie Vedder and Chris Chelios



    Kerry Wood's Retirement: Cigarettes and Karaoke
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    Kerry Wood waves to fans after leaving the game against the Chicago White Sox on Friday. It was announced that Kerry Wood is retiring from baseball.

    At least he didn't have to worry about waking up for a day game.

    A Sunday night karaoke session with former Blackhawks player Chris Chelios, Eddie Vedder and the very recently-retired Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood is making the rounds on the Internet.

    The trio were captured on video singing a song by The Band at Lincoln Park's Stanley's Kitchen and Tap, which can be viewed at

    Once can't help but wonder:

    • When did Kerry Wood take up smoking? Wood is seen with a cigarette in hand, and of course he's retired and can do whatever he wants, but you can't help but wonder whether this is a day-old habit or something this world-class athlete has been dabbling in for some time.
    • On that same train of thought, isn't it illegal to smoke in Chicago bars and restaurants? Stanley's?
    • Shouldn't the addition of a legitimate singer like Eddie Vedder at least make a karaoke song palatable to listen to? Apparently not.

    The video was initially on, but not surprisingly, someone took it down.