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Chicago Baseball

Streaker Invades Cubs Marlins Game

Streaker livens up Sun Life Stadium



    It's hard enough for the Florida Marlins to attract attention even when they aren't playing opposite a Heat playoff game.

    But the Fish got an unexpected boost from an unidentified streaker in the top of the fifth inning of last night's loss to the Chicago Cubs.

    A man jumped the right field wall, ripped off its shorts, and started sprinting towards the infield. He nearly made it to the infield dirt, performing a few cartwheels near a miffed Hanley Ramirez along the way.

    The streaker may not have the physique necessary to join the Marlins Manatees, but we'll give him this: he knows how to play to the crowd.

    Security guards eventually managed to corral him and wrestle him to the ground. The streaker elicited cheers from the crowd of 14,000 as he was escorted off the field (see video below, mildly NSFW.)

    Marlins catcher John Buck said he thought the streaker was a woman at first, until he saw "an extra body part."


    The streaker must have broke the Marlins' concentration. The Fish committed two errors that inning and gave up two runs.

    Should you require more visuals, this flickr stream has a few good shots. Warning: the photos contain extreme tan lines and a ratty mullet.

    David Hill is a Miami native and the cofounder of Marlins Diehards, the only blog with perspective on the eccentricities of Marlins fandom.