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Bears Beat Steelers 17-14



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    Robbie Gould kicks the game-winning field goal Sunday against the Steelers.

    THAT's what you call a comeback.

    After a disastrous season opener, Jay Cutler and the Bears overwhelmed no less an opponent than Super Bowl champs Pittsburgh to win their first game of the regular season, 17-14.

    Oddly enough, the game came down to field goals -- two missed from the Steelers' Jeff Reed, and one clutch shot from the Bears' Robbie Gould to score the final points with 15 seconds left in the game.

    When Gould signed his contract extension in '08, the Bears made him the NFL's highest paid kicker. Looks like it was worth it.

    The victory's a tremendous vindication for Cutler, who played almost flawlessly and didn't throw a single pick the entire game.

    The final minutes: With about seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, Cutler evened the score with a stinger to Knox.

    On their subsequent drive, the Steelers steamrolled the Bears down to the 38 yard line, but were forced to try for the field goal -- which kicker Jeff Reed missed.

    With good field position, the Bears rolled down to the 44, and the final points came off Gould's boot.

    The Steelers got the ball back with 15 seconds left, but promptly turned it over, sealing the Bears' first victory of the season.