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Bears Boycotted by One Cold, Lonely Man

Hoping for change he can believe in



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    Can one man's voice change the fortunes of his beloved Chicago Bears?

    Every great movement starts with one great man. 

    Not sure if this is him. 

    But! Faced with another season sans playoffs, one anonymous Bears fan is taking his gripes and grievances right to the source. And by source, we mean the median strip outside Halas Hall.

    Braving the cold and seated in his lawn chair, the loyal Bears fan spoke for his silent majority.

    Lonely Fan Boycotts Awful Bears Team

    [CHI] Lonely Fan Boycotts Awful Bears Team
    With nothing but a lawnchair and a dream, an anonymous fan braves the cold outside Halas Hall.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009)

    "My opinion and no offense to other cities, but it’s not the kind of organization that team presidents, coaches and GM’s should be cutting their teeth at," the fan said. "It (the team)  deserves a higher class of individuals.  It’s what it just really comes down to."

    It might be holiday season, but for this Bears fan only firing Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo can bring peace to his football world. 

    "If change is imminent, small change is not going to do it. It has to be a major change and they can afford it. The conditions are right. There won’t be a cap and there’s no reason for them not to clean house and bring in people here that know what they are doing and that’s really the point." slips for all and for all a good night.