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Bad Luck Streak Hits Cubs, Sox Early



    Bad Luck Streak Hits Cubs, Sox Early
    GKevork Djansezian, Getty Images
    Adam Dunn #32 of the Chicago White Sox plays against the Milwaukee Brewers during the spring training game at Maryvale Baseball Park on March 17, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Not even a week into the season, Chicago baseball has been hit by a streak of bad luck. White Sox slugger Adam Dunn had emergency appendix surgery while two Cubs starting pitchers were sent to the disabled list.

    Randy Wells earned a win before straining his rotator cuff. Andrew Cashner was working a strong game before he was pulled for shoulder tightness. Dunn already had five RBI. All three men were key to their teams starting off the seasons well. All three came down with injuries from out of nowhere.

    Has a black cat been stalking the baseball players of Chicago, scampering in front of their paths? Did Wells, Cashner and Dunn go to a mirror-breaking party at everyone's favorite bar, "Under the Ladder?" Have they been spilled mountains of salt without tossing a pinch over their left shoulders?

    Chicago already did their part to keep football's Madden curse at bay only for bad luck to come to its baseball teams. The good news is that bad things come in three, so the worst part should be over. The injuries are early enough in the season that they shouldn't be catastrophic for either team.

    But a warning to both the Cubs and Sox: don't tempt fate. If you feel the need to wear your "lucky" underwear five days in a row, go for it. Your teammates won't mind the smell. Jump over foul lines, brush your teeth between innings, engage in postgame bro-hugs. Do what you have to do to keep good luck on your side.

    Maggie Hendricks is freelance blogger who spends most of her timing writing witty Bears entries on Grizzly Detail.