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Here's Your Chance to Shoot a T-Shirt Rocket

Audition for the chance to become an IncrediBull



    Celebrate This Holiday Season in Lively St. Charles

    Chicago’s biggest Bulls fans will have the opportunity to get one of the coolest jobs in Chicago sports -- a spot on the interactive fan squad, the IncrediBulls.

    The Chicago Bulls are looking for energetic, talented people to form their 2010-2011 team. A tradition since 1992, the IncrediBulls are the hands of the Chicago Bulls, says De Borah Wells, manager of game operations for the Bulls.

    “The IncrediBulls entertain, but they also do so much more,” Wells said. “They work the crowd, run promotions, participate in non-IncrediBulls positions, handle give-aways, and generally represent the Bulls at all events.”

    They also shoot t-shirts from handheld cannons during games.

    Wells says they’ve had up to 200 eager entertainers show up for past auditions, but they typically hire between 16 and 20 members, so it’s important to stand out.

    Auditionees will be interviewed individually, and if chosen as a finalist, will perform a one-minute routine to show their personality. The routine is a prime chance to show off an incredible or unique talent, and Wells says they’ve gotten everything from jugglers to stand-up comedians at past auditions.

    The auditions will be held Saturday, July 10 at 9 a.m. at the United Center. Anyone interested can view the requirements and download the application at the IncrediBulls’ website