Who Gets Money From the NRA?

The National Rifle Association does not have a lot of influence in Illinois.

This year, according to the website opensecrets.org, the NRA donated money to 12 Republicans who were either in Congress or running for Congress. Five of them will not be in Washington next month.

Rep. Timothy Johnson, the NRA’s top Illinois recipient, retired after his district was redrawn. Bobby Schilling, Judy Biggert, Joe Walsh and Don Manzullo all lost their elections, although Manzullo lost the Republican primary to Adam Kinzinger, who also received NRA money.

Two years ago, Kinzinger defeated Democrat Debbie Halverson despite her endorsement by the NRA. Our Republican senator, Mark Kirk, regularly received an F rating from the NRA when he served in the House of Representatives. The gun rights group has not given him any money now that he’s in the Senate, either.

 Here’s a complete list of Illinois congressmen funded by the NRA:

Timothy Johnson $4,000

Bobby Schilling $3,500

Peter Roskam $3,000

Judy Biggert $2,000

Adam Kinzinger $2,000

Aaron Schock $2,000

John Shimkus $2,000

Joe Walsh $2,000

Rodney Davis $1,000

Don Manzullo $1,000

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