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Maggie Daley Returns Home



    Maggie Daley Returns Home
    Chicago's First Lady, Maggie Daley had surgery Tuesday to replace the metal rod in her right leg. Daley was taken to the hospital early Saturday morning for pain. Her doctors hope the surgery will decrease her discomfort.

    Chicago's First Lady Maggie Daley is back home after a 10-day stay in the hospital that included surgery.

    Mrs. Daley had surgery a week ago to replace the metal rod in her leg that had been a frequent source of pain.

    The surgery came on the fourth day of her visit to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  She was admitted April 16, just hours after she and her husband, Mayor Richard Daley, attended an event at the Art Institute of Chicago.

    Her primary physician, Dr. Steve Rosen, stressed that the pain should not be viewed as a progression of her cancer.

    Maggie Daley was first diagnosed with cancer in 2002 and in July 2006 had surgery to remove a tumor in her right breast.

    A biopsy on a bone lesion in her spine was done at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in April of last year.  The now-replaced titanium rod that's been giving her discomfort was inserted into her right leg a month later.

    The First Lady was hospitalized in October while in Washington, D.C. to accept a leadership award.  She also had an unexpected outpatient visit to Northwestern in January after experiencing "flu-like symptoms."