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Illinois Voters Support Contraceptive Coverage

Opponents called question a get-out-the-vote tactic by Democrats



    Illinois Voters Support Contraceptive Coverage
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    Voters in Illinois support an advisory referendum about whether insurance plans in Illinois should include birth control as part of prescription coverage.

    Illinois law has required contraceptive coverage since 2003. Supporters of the ballot question say if it gets overwhelming approval, the voters' endorsement will ensure that the provision remains law in the future.

    They point at the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in June that craft-store chain Hobby Lobby is not required to pay for birth control. Birth-control advocates say that decree guts the state's 2003 law.

    But opponents of the measure crafted by Chicago Democratic Sen. Iris Martinez say it was simply a ploy to drive Democratic voters to the polls in a year when incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn faced a stiff challenge from GOP challenger Bruce Rauner.

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