Illinois Abortions at 10-Year High

Illinois abortions have reached a ten-year high according to recently compiled state records, says the Sun-Times.

Figures from the Illinois Public Health Department show that 47,717 abortions were performed statewide in 2008, the most recent year from which statistics are available. That's five percent greater than 2007 and the most abortions since 1998, when 49,403 women had the procedure.

The recent uptick could be the result of both the economy and a new abortion clinic in Aurora, according to both adovcates and critics of the procedure.

The three counties straddling the new clinic saw the greatest increases.

Women 14 and under saw the largest increase in abortions from 2007 to 2008, up 16 percent. Women 20 to 24 had the next-largest percentage increase.

Read the full story at the Sun-Times.

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