GOP Not Thrilled With Rauner's Saturday Night Plans

Word that Republican Illinois governor candidate Bruce Rauner attended a pro-choice fundraiser Saturday night is not setting well with some members of his party.  

The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois gala was held to celebrate decades of pro-choice support by the ACLU. Democratic Congressman Jan Schakowsky served as keynote speaker, and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn was in attendance.

Rauner’s wife, Diana, was one of the hosts of the event. 

Two days earlier the 45th anniversary dinner of the Illinois Right to Life Committee was held, and Rauner did not attend.

As for the ACLU dinner, neither Quinn nor Rauner stayed for the honoring of the Reproductive Rights Project.

Emily Zender, the executive director of the Illinois Right to Life Committee, told Illinois Review “it is disgusting that Mr. Rauner would give money to, and celebrate with, an organization that brags about its support of partial birth abortion.”

Rauner's campaign sent this statement response:

"Bruce's wife, Diana, is a supporter and she asked him to stop by because she could not. Bruce has always said he believes this issue is best left between a woman and her doctor and family, not the government."

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