Durbin: Health Care Reform By Christmas

Illinois senior Senator, Dick Durbin, isn’t sweating comments from his junior counterpart

Durbin thinks some sort of health care bill is going to be passed sooner than later, Politico.com notes, despite Roland Burris's statements to the contrary.

“We are moving towards 60,” Durbin continued. “We think we will have it by next week.”

Durbin didn’t directly shrug off Burris’s statements claiming he wouldn’t vote for a Senate health bill if it doesn’t include a public option, but said concessions are going to be made for numerous politicians.

“If you don't have 60, you're empty-handed,” Durbin, the Senate Majority Whip, said. “In this case, we need to find a way to get to 60 votes, and that means accommodating and making concessions on a lot of issues we'd rather not make concessions on.”

Most of those concessions are going to appease Senator Joseph Lieberman, but some may be going Burris’s way, too.

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