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For Dems, Sniping Starts Early in Governor's Race



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    Dan Hynes (L), Gov. Pat Quinn (R)

    The governor's race is barely under way, but the name-calling and finger-pointing are in full swing on the Democrats' side.

    Gov. Pat Quinn and Comptroller Dan Hynes are duking it out months ahead of the February Democratic primary.

    Quinn has called Hynes an "ankle-biter," accused him of sitting on the "sidelines" and chastised him for trying to "deceive" voters. Hynes has swiped at Quinn's tax proposal, criticized him for having "no plan" in a worsening budget crisis and sent him a dozen 2009 wall calendars so he won't be stuck in the past.

    The two also have dueling TV ads touting their tax plans.

    Hynes' latest ad:

    Quinn's response:

    Hynes' ad said that Quinn wanted to "pass a 50 percent tax increase on every Illinois family."  Quinn's ad refutes that, stating that he proposed cutting taxes for families making less than $60,000 per year. calls Quinn's ad "more than a little misleading," pointing out that Quinn did propose the income tax cuts for certain families but later "abandoned that plan, flip-flopped around for a while and finally ended up supporting an income tax hike at the end of the session which cut nobody's income tax."

    Last month, Hynes blasted as hypocritical Quinn's request -- and winning -- of an endorsement of Cook County Democratic Party officials in his bid for a full term.

    Robert Rich, the director of the University of Illinois' Institute of Government and Public Affairs, says the back and forth could backfire and be a turnoff to voters.