Hooker With a Heart of Coal

Cohen's ex-GF, a convicted prostitute, says Cohen not fit for office

The ex-girlfriend of embattled Lt. Gov. nominee Scott Lee Cohen released a statement through attorneys Saturday evening saying the pawnbroker-cum-politician is unfit to hold public office.

The statement, released by high-profile California attorney Gloria Allred, acknowledges that Amanda Eneman lived with Cohen "some 4-5 years ago."

"Based on her personal observations, during the course of their relationship and his behavior, Ms. Eneman does not believe that he is fit to hold any public office, including that of Lt. Governor," the statement read.

Eneman accused Cohen of holding a knife to her throat several years ago, but the charges were dropped when she failed to appear in court.

Eneman's statement comes after Cohen said that both his ex-wife and his ex-girlfriend would come forward to support him.

In an interview Thursday, Cohen's ex-wife stood by the allegations she made in her divorce papers, namely that he physically abused her and took anabolic steroids.

Cohen was not immediately available for comment.

Besides Cohen's personal acquaintances, several Democratic leaders including former Senator Adlai Stevenson, Gov. Pat Quinn, and Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias have suggested that Cohen step down.

Today Mayor Daley refused to join that call, though he stopped short of saying that Cohen should run on the party ticket in November.

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