Daley Tightens City Belt, Forces Furloughs

Daley: Move will save $18.8 million

Mayor Richard Daley is increasing the number of city workers who must take furloughs to save the city money.

The mayor has ordered 2,000 additional non-union employees at six agencies to take mandatory days off and forefeit 2009 pay raises.

He said it's time for those agencies to feel the same pain as others, and will be asked to take six to nine days off, depending on the agency.

At the Chicago Public Schools, it affects as many as 1,400 employees. At the Chicago Transit Authority, it's 312 workers. It's 84 people at the Chicago Housing Authority, and 46 at the park district.

Daley said the move will save $18.8 million dollars.

Just last month, Daley told 3,700 non-union employees that they'd be taking a series of unpaid days off in an effort to save $14 million and avert layoffs.

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