“Fun Friday” in Race for Chicago Mayor

It was apparently "Fun Friday" in the race for Chicago's next mayor.

Rahm Emanuel hit the campaign trail with comedian Andy Samberg, who often lampoons the former White House Chief of Staff on Saturday night live.

The pair showed up at the Merchandise Mart 'L' stop and took pictures and shook hands with commuters before heading to a private fundraiser. At times it seemed as the Samberg wasn't sure he should greet people or perform stand-up comedy.

When he was asked if he could do a little impersonation, Samberg replied, "not without cursing."

With the help of YouTube, Emanuel wasn't the only candidate that showed a bit of a light-hearted side.

Under the headline "Gery Cleans House," Team Chico posted a video showing the candidate literally cleaning his office. a spokesman goes on to ask,"Do you think Rahm Emanuel does that?"

And finally, in advance of Sunday's big football game (you've heard there is one, right?), Carol Mosely Braun and some members of her staff took to the Internet with a video of them singing the Bears' fight song.

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