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Picture of Justice: Blago Portrait Could be Banned

He could be the first Illinois gov without a painting



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    Next week, Mad Magazine will feature its "Mad 20" list of dumbest people, events and things of 2009. Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich ranked 15th overall.

    Rod Blagojevich may have a portrait-quality hairdo, but that doesn't mean Illinois taxpayers want to foot the bill for his painting.

    And thanks to the Illinois House, they likely won't have to -- making Blago the first Illinois gov without a oil-painted mugshot in the capital.

    Lawmakers voted 85-23 Friday to ban state-funded portraits of any governors who were thrown out of office, a law that would appear to affect only the coiffed-one.

    Normally outgoing governors arrange for their portrait to be painted near the end of thier term. The artwork usually goes for upward of $10,000, but since Blago was booted from the mansion before his term ended, there was some question as to whether his painting would join others in south hall of the Capitol's second floor, which is home to portraits of past governors.

    They include former Gov. George Ryan. He's in federal prison for political corruption. The House move would seem to answer the question -- even thought the bill has to pass the full legislature. 
    Danville Republican Rep. Bill Black says he's not trying to rewrite history. He says a constituent who's a laid-off teacher
    complained that the high cost  cost of the painting could pay her salary.
    Blagojevich was ejected from office in January 2009. He faces a federal indictment alleging political corruption in office. He's
    denied any wrongdoing.