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Daley Fires Off Gun Law Advice

Says cops should know who's carrying



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    Mayor Richard M. Daley was elected on April 4, 1989. His father, Richard Joseph Daley, was also Mayor of Chicago from 1955 until his death in 1976. The city could use an updated version.

    The United States Supreme Court appears ready to strike down Chicago's 29-year-old ban on handguns. At the same time some members of the Illinois Legislature are working on bills that would allow for concealed carry gun laws in the state.

    Mayor Daley is none-too-happy about the proposed legislation. 

    He's imploring the Illinois Legislature to employ "common sense gun laws" and to spend time researching the initiatives they're planning to push. 

    "We have more investigations of Toyota than we have for gun legislation," Daley said at a press conference Monday.

    The mayor believes that any gun laws the legislature passes should include language that allows for police officers to know which citizens are carrying firearms.

    "Law enforcement should have the oppoutunity to know their status," referring to changes he would like to see in new laws.

    The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday. There is no timeline on when the they may rule.

    Meanwhile, the mayor says that his wife, Maggie Daley is "doing better" after having a rod inserted into her leg last week. 

    "She reminds us other people are suffering too," Daley said of his wife's disposition.