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Chicago Police to Stop Guarding Obama's Home

Costly supervision is cut by Chicago Police Department



    Chicago Police to Stop Guarding Obama's Home
    A secret service agent stands at the gate of President Obama's home. The Secret Service will continue to guard the house, and Chicago PD will stand down.

    The Chicago Police Department will discontinue overtime details assigned to guard President Obama's Hyde Park home.

    The police details, put in place after Obama's election last November, will end Oct. 1.

    “We have been in a process of evaluating what is necessary with the Secret Service,” department spokesman Roderick Drew told the Chicago Tribune.

    The police department has spent at least $2.2 million so far to keep an eye on the Hyde Park mansion and the federal government has promised to give back more than $1.5 million.
    The mayor’s office believed all the money would be repaid, mayoral spokeswoman Jacquelyn Heard told the Tribune, adding that the service’s interruption came as a surprise.