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Another GOP Hopeful to Slam Obama in Chicago



    Another GOP Hopeful to Slam Obama in Chicago
    Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty plans a major speech on the economy in Chicago Tuesday.

    Seems like the strategy for GOP presidential hopefuls looking for early traction is following a similar format.

    Stop in Chicago, Barack Obama's backyard, and deliver a speech critical of his handling of the economy.

    This time around it's former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

    Pawlenty is planning next week to detail how he would balance the federal budget and reshape the nation's tax code.

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    An aide to the former Minnesota governor says Pawlenty will outline his proposal Tuesday in Chicago. It is being billed as a major policy address that will include a "specific plan for boosting the economy and creating jobs."

    The economy tops voters' concerns. Pawlenty has readily criticized President Barack Obama's handling of fiscal matters but has yet to say how he would do things differently.

    Pawlenty's plan isn't novel. Haley Barbour, who ended up not running, stopped in Chicago in March and ripped into Obama. 

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    Next up, former Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney came through town, and slammed Obama.

    Who's next on the carousel? Time will tell.