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Adam Kinzinger

Republican, Running for Congress



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    The Man: At the age of 32, Adam Kinzinger is the young gun in the race for the 11th district congressional seat. He's facing off against freshman incumbent, Deborah Halvorson.

    While his age may be an issue for some voters, Kinzinger's resume is quite impressive for a young adult.  At the age of 20, while he was a sophomore at Illinois State University, he challenged a 12-year incumbent for the McLean County board and won.  He held the position for five years before retiring in 2003 to join the United States Air Force as a pilot.

    Kinzinger, a Captain and former pilot in the U.S. Air Force, supports the war in Afghanistan but says his biggest priority is stimulating economic growth to create jobs and working to close the federal deficit.  He says that had he been in office he would have voted against TARP and supports getting rid of Cap & Trade. Kinzinger is also opposed to same-sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana.

    The Knock: He's inexperienced, and he supports extending the Bush-era tax cuts to the nations wealthiest individuals.

    The Strategy: More of the same. So far, he has run a successful campaign with some of the polls showing him at a 18 point lead over his opponent.

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