Yet Another Lousy Image From “Thor”

It's as though they're trying to lower our expectations for "Thor" so we'll be sure to be blown away once it arrives.

A new still from director Kenneth Branagh's "Thor" was released via the LA Times (via /Film) this weekend, showing the God of Thunder standing (possibly kneeling) before his father Odin. Yawn.

We hate to keep beating up on this project, 'cuz there was a time when it had us jumping up and down like an overgrown adolescent. But ever since the first pic of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the subsequent peeks/looks/footage have been a real bummer. Add to that the news that it will be converted to 3D and out interest has been reduced to almost purely professional.

Obviously Marvel doesn't want to give away too much of the plot or visuals, but sharing with us what amounts to a photo of the set is absurd. People aren't gonna line up to see how Odin's palace looks.

Give us something to get excited about or don't give us anything at all.

"Thor" comes out May 6, 2011.

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