Woman, 80, Spars With Broward Judge John Hurley

There was a bit of disorder in a South Florida court when an 80-year-old woman facing charges of resisting arrest and violating an injunction called a judge "sweetheart" and asked if he would take her out for breakfast Thursday.

Dolores Sheinis had Broward Judge John Hurley cracking up after he ordered her to wear a GPS ankle bracelet for violating an injunction to stay away from her ex-husband.

"I don't particularly feel like keeping an 80-year-old woman in the jail who has no criminal record, but this is your second warning: Don't go around him again," Hurley said.

"I haven't bothered him for 31 years, why would I bother him now?" Sheinis cracked. "I swear to God and all that's holy on a stack of bibles, I will never go near him, talk to him, call him or even look at him."

"Ma'am, have you ever thought of doing a stand-up routine?" Hurley asked.

"If you pay me good money, sweetheart, I'll be there. I'm really short of funds," she replied.

"Ma'am, I have to tell you something: You seem like you have a great wit about you," Hurley said.

"I do, sir. Sweetheart, that's the only thing I have," said Sheinis, who records showed was arrested Wednesday in Coconut Creek.

"I haven't been called 'sweetheart' in this courtroom since I guess Mr. Miller took over," Hurley said.

"Does that mean you're taking me for breakfast?" Sheinis asked.

"Let me ask you something, ma'am. How have I done as a judge today? So far, how am I doing?" Hurley asked.

"Not bad, but you could do better," Sheinis shot back.

"You brightened my day, ma'am," Hurley responded.

"That's what the last guy said," Sheinis said.

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