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Trial Begins for Florida Cop Seen Shoving Black Lives Matter Protester in Video

Officer Steven Pohorence is facing a misdemeanor charge in the May 31, 2020 incident

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The battery trial of a Fort Lauderdale Police officer who was caught on camera shoving a protester during a chaotic 2020 Black Lives Matter protest was underway Wednesday.

Officer Steven Pohorence is facing a misdemeanor charge in the May 31, 2020, incident.

Cell phone video showed Pohorence shoving the 19-year-old woman as she was kneeling with her hands in the air.

Fort Lauderdale police officer Steven Pohorence was charged with battery after he allegedly shoved a kneeling protester at a demonstration over George Floyd's death last month.

Pohorence and other officers had responded as what began as a peaceful protest quickly got out of hand, with some demonstrators throwing rocks and water bottles at officers and police responding by deploying tear gas.

The footage showed Pohorence yelling at demonstrators to stay clear of police, as a number of protesters start kneeling around him. He started walking away and that's when the shove happened.

The video showed a female officer following Pohorence, apparently objecting to his actions.

Opening statements in the trial began Tuesday, with testimony beginning Wednesday.

Part of the officer's defense in the case is that the protester had her hands up and was dangerously close to the officer's gun belt during a tense situation.

But prosecutors called his actions unnecessary force.

If Pohorence is found guilty, he faces a maximum punishment of up to one year in jail.

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