Taco Bell Facing Tortilla Shortage Due to ‘Supplier Issue'

The shortage is forcing the affected Taco Bell locations to severely limit in-store offerings

Taco Bell fans hoping for a cheesy, bean-filled burrito over the long holiday weekend may be pretty disappointed by the chain's latest announcement.

Due to a supplier issue, Taco Bell is experiencing a shortage of tortillas at many of its locations across the country, TODAY.com reported. The shortage affects several of the fast-food eatery's most popular items including burritos of all types, quesadillas and specialties like the Crunchwrap Supreme.

“While some Taco Bell restaurants are experiencing supplier shortages, we are working diligently to replenish the supply of our tortillas (used for products like quesadillas and burritos) in those restaurants," a representative for the chain said in a statement shared with TODAY Food over email.

While the supplier issue is being resolved, the chain is encouraging Taco Bell lovers "to try any of our other delicious menu items like the Power Menu Bowl or Cheesy Gordita Crunch in the meantime."

Many on Twitter have taken note of the fact that the chain is unable to serve some of their favorites and they are pretty unhappy — to say the least.

The shortage is basically forcing the affected Taco Bell locations to severely limit in-store offerings.

For example, at one location in Huntsville, Alabama, a note was posted outside warning customers that many items ranging from burritos and quesadillas to Quesaritos, XXL Burritos, Chalupas and nacho fry boxes would not be available, WAAY reported.

The spicy outrage has boiled over onto Reddit, too, where one thread started by an anonymous Taco Bell employee decries a "tortillapocalypse." Employees from other locations have chimed in saying that they have never seen anything like it.

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