Tom Selleck's New Show Means a Bummer of a Commute

There is a downside to news that Tom Selleck's new CBS series "Blue Bloods" is hitting the TV schedule this fall -- it's going to be tough traveling from here on in.

"The only problem is I have to commute to New York," Selleck tells PopcornBiz. "But we're on the air and we're thrilled about it."

It's a welcome return to regular television for the "Magnum" icon who is suddenly hot again. The new series features a stellar cast including Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan as a "three generational family of New York cops," says Selleck.

"My father was a police chief a couple of terms ago, I play a New York City police chief," says Selleck. "And both my sons are cops. My daughter is a prosecuting attorney."

"It's an adult drama about a family of Irish cops," he adds. "It's character-driven and there's not much of that on television these days. But it tested really well."

"And it's a really good group of good actors."

Selleck is also appearing as Ashton Kutcher's very serious father-in-law in the romantic comedy "Killers" which opens June 4. He says that the influx of work means "I have a few problems, but they are all good." A crowded work schedule will bring that.

He's also enjoying the variety of television and movies.

"What I'm having fun with is going back and forth in between mediums," he says. "It wasn't always this way in this business. When I started you didn't get to cross over much."

And playing in "Killers" was an added bonus. "This role was a blessing since I was offered it," he quips. "I didn't need to beg anybody."

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