Tom Hardy Joins McG's “This Means War”

Many of us out here in Movie Nerd Land have been quietly hoping that Tom Hardy, currently winning over fans in "Inception," would be getting the Sam Worthington treatment. Now that we've gotten our wish, we're all a little sad.

Hardy, who gave one of the most electric performances of the past decade in 2008's "Bronson," has stepped into the role once filled by Worthington in the upcoming rom-com actioner "This Means War," co-starring Reese Witheraspoon and Chris Pine, and to be directed by McG, reported Vulture.

The script, about two best friends who fall in love with the same woman and the ensuing battle that leaves New York City demolished in its wake, has been kicking around for so long that Martin Lawrence was once attached to it.

In February it looked like Witherspoon and Pine would be starring opposite Bradley Cooper, but he backed away, ostensibly because of a scheduling conflict with "The Hangover 2," but insiders said it was concerns over the script that scared the actor away.

We love Hardy, Pine won us over in "Star Trek" and Witherspoon is as good as anyone around when the material is right. But McG's work behind the camera for "Terminator: Salvation" left a bad taste in a lot of folks' mouths, and nothing else in his filmography suggests he's got the chops for  a film like "War."

We still love you, Mr. Hardy, and we can't wait to see you in the upcoming "Mad Max: Fury Road." But we hope the people around start guiding you toward better projects.

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