The Seven-Year “Switch” Proves Aniston and Bateman Not Aging Like Humans

"The Switch" might span seven-years of two friends' relationship, yet both Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman never age onscreen during that seven-year span time. Amazing!

While some films would have noticeable changes to show time has passed, Bateman and Aniston -- two supreme physical specimens in real life -- look exactly the same after the seven years pass.

"When we first did the movie, we knew there was this seven-year thing," co-director Will Speck tells PopcornBiz. "We did subtle things. It was a conscious choice."

At the film's press day, Bateman said he was all for simply keeping his seven-year look the same, though he added subtle "grey temples" and more mature clothing. Aniston piped in that she had "longer hair" in her older incarnation.

In Bateman's view, it's all about the story. "Don't remind me (seven years have passed) with some cheap make-up appliance in every scene," he says.

Besides, we are dealing with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. "The truth is if you look at these people they are anomalies," says Speck. "They look incredible. And they look exactly how they've looked over the past 20 years."

Aniston pointed out that she has known Bateman for 15 years. "He doesn't look any different," she says.

Nor, amazingly, does Aniston. She has managed to maintain a level of Hollywood hotness that has many many suspect she is might be immortal or a Twilight vampire.

In fact, PopcornBiz asked the directors to speculate on their two leads -- are they immortal or vampire?

"They are vampires actually," Gordon assures us. "When you go back to the last century there are pictures of them on stage in London."

They apparently look exactly the same. Freaky.

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