The “Safe” Trailer is an Action Movie Mix Tape

One of the things we've lost in modern action films is the un-ironic, un-self-conscious quip. The whole concept has been parodied to death, so it's not surprising, but we have to say, this trailer for the new Jason Statham vehicle has us applauding the return of the Schwarzenegger/Stallone/Van Damme-level pre-kill verbal jab. Clearly, making "The Expendables" has rubbed off on the man.

Not only that, but "Safe" is so much of an action movie mixtape it almost feels like a parody trailer someone at Funny or Die put together - you could just call it" "The Stath." Let's see, take a hearty dose of "The Professional," throw in some "Die Hard" and top it off with Statham's last four movies and you've got a good start.

But oh man, the quips. We can't even tell you how happy it makes us that this trailer ends with a set-up/punchline that could rival Arnold's "Hey, Sully, remember when I said I'd kill you last?" from "Commando."

"Safe" is due to kick us in the throat March 2, 2012.

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