Taylor Swift Auditions for Jimmy Fallon's “Ew!” Ahead of “Tonight Show” Visit

Where did Taylor Swift get those teeth?

The pop-country superstar got her adorkable on with glasses and a mouth full of braces in a video she posted today in which she plays Natalie, a shy girl who's asking "Sara," the rambunctious teen played by Jimmy Fallon, if she can be on "Ew!' when she comes to town.

You know, the one that has featured Zac Efron in drag--and looking darn good--and a super-cameo from Michelle Obama.

"Our moms were best friends together in college," Natalie explains. "So I'm really excited because my mom said that we're going to come visit you and your mom and your dad, and um, I heard that you have that television show called 'Ew!' and so that maybe I could be on it, was what I was thinking."

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Well how can Jimmy--er, Sara--resist an invitation like that?

Watch Natalie's full request below. Meanwhile, her alter ego, Taylor Swift, is appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Aug. 13 to promote the film "The Giver" and, perhaps, to chat about this new music she's been teasing with Instagram clues.

She's up to three, and so far they include the number 18, an adorable kitten at 5 o'clock (or the drawing of New York's skyline that's also in the picture) and Yahoo.

Maybe this Natalie will know what's up with Taylor's next album.

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