Park Stabbing Victim: Calm Attacker “Wanted to Hurt” People

The dad who was slashed by a scissors-wielding man as he held his son in a popular Upper West Side park says the attacker had a look in his eye like he wanted to hurt people, and was calmly walking around looking for victims.
"He just wanted to do something bad," James Fayette told the Daily News from his hospital bed Wednesday. "He wanted to hurt."
The suspect, identified as Julius Graham, a homeless man originally from Texas, is accused of going on the stabbing and slashing spree in Riverside Park South at 64th Street about 8 a.m. Tuesday. He allegedly attacked people over the course of nine minutes, police say. 
Fayette, a former ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet, said he was playing with his son in the park when he saw the suspect stabbing a woman.
The man then turned toward Fayette and his son, Luke. Fayette says he tried to run, holding his son, but the suspect caught up to them. He then had to maneuver around a park bench as the stabber lunged. 
"There was no getting away," Fayette said. "It wasn't frantic or quick movements. He just kind of stalked."
Fayette, 35, was slashed on the chest. The child also had a slash wound.
Graham, 43, was charged with five counts of assault along with criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest in the stabbings. 

It's not known if he has an attorney.

The spree ended when a bystander held the suspect down until police arrived.
"He did a good job," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said of the man who stopped the suspect.
One of the victims, a 36-year-old woman, was stabbed in the chest and is in critical condition, law enforcement officials said. A 32-year-old woman was injured in the neck and a 36-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach. 
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