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South Park Issues Apology to Al Gore Over ‘ManBearPig’ Joke

Show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker made amends for a dis that is more than a decade old

Anthony Harvey/PA Images via Getty Images

The creators of the show “South Park” have issued a rare apology, reprising the character ManBearPig to make amends for a dis that is more than a decade old, NBC News reported.

In a 2006 episode during season 10 of the animated series, Al Gore issues a stern warning to the students of South Park Elementary School about the “single biggest threat to our planet.” He was talking about ManBearPig, a creature meant to represent climate change.

At the time the episode aired, Gore was a month away from releasing the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” The problem is that, per "South Park," ManBearPig was fictional, which suggests the threat was imagined by Gore.

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