Somebody Please Explain to Tom Cruise That Less Is More Grossman

Tom Cruise's turn as profane Hollywood mogul Les Grossman in "Tropic Thunder" was a hilarious surprise that went a long way towards scraping some of the creepy factor off his public image. And Grossman's return for the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend was just as good. But are we ready for 90 minutes of Grossman?

"We’re working on it,” Cruise told E! backstage at the MTV Movie Awards following his performance with J. Lo and Ludacris when the topic of a Grossman movie came up. This news is as inevitable as it is sad.

As much as we've enjoyed Cruise's balding, big-handed, venom-spitting creation, we're reasonably sure that 10 minutes every three years is just the right dosage. At some point the character will begin to suffer precipitously diminishing returns and wipe away the fond memories we all once shared.

The history of film is littered with once-beloved sketch characters who tried to spread their gossamer wings and fly only to come crashing to Earth. We don't need another body in that graveyard.

If Cruise and his people were smart, they'd ask Ben Stiller to just write Grossman into a movie every other year.

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