Police Bowled Over by Wii During Drug Raid

Surveillance video catches police playing Wii during drug raid

Sometimes finding evidence to nab a bad guy can be a bit of a bore.

So to entertain themselves during a drug raid, a group of Narcs in Polk County took a break from bagging and tagging to play a little Wii, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The cops played Wii bowling for nine hours! Meanwhile, they never found any drugs in the home during the search.

The Wii bowl-a-thon was caught by the bad guy’s surveillance cameras, which wound up being part of the evidence taken from the sting. Apparently, someone forgot to check for those pesky cameras before goofing off.

On the tape, cops are seen celebrating strikes and taunting one another. After one strike, a guy in a bullet proof vest flexes his muscle and another jumps around like he just won the Wii World Championship.

Now attorneys for the suspect, Michael Difalco, are wondering if the game play will jeopardize the case.

The county sheriff doesn’t think so and he called the bust “brilliant police work.” Not sure if he was talking about the raid or the unit's skills with one of those Wii controllers.

Police confiscated guns, computers and TVs from the house. The computer held the footage of the Wii battle.

We’d like to know who won the bowling competition. The cops who were caught on candid camera might have a lot of free time for rematches if Difalco wiggles off the hook.

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