Photographer Finds Mystery Couple After Image of Chicago Proposal Posted to Facebook

A photographer doing a shoot in downtown Chicago over the weekend happened to catch a proposal in the midst of a winter wonderland in the city. He then set out on a social media mission to find the mystery couple and share the image of their exciting moment.

Julio Salazar of JCphotography said he was doing a photoshoot with a client around 4:15 p.m. Saturday near the city’s iconic Bean when he noticed a proposal was happening right next to him.

He quickly turned and captured the moment – a man with a ring in his hand and a shocked woman in awe, her hands covering her face.

“I captured the moment without them knowing and wanted to get a print to them,” Salazar wrote in a Facebook post Sunday hoping to find the newly engaged couple. “If anyone knows who these people are please tag them or send me their Facebook.”

The photo was shared more than 800 times in less than 5 hours.

In less than a day, after the photo made local headlines and was shared more than 1,000 times, Salazar said he was able to find the mystery couple through a mutual friend. 

Salazar said he plans to give the couple the image of their unforgettable moment. He said he was overwhelmed by the response to his post. 

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