Olivia Wilde Opts for “Better Living Through Chemistry,” May Join Cruise to “Horizons”

Olivia Wilde is about as hot as an actress can get. In fact, she's so hot that not even four duds in a row can keep her name off of every casting shortlist. Just yesterday she landed a new role and finds herself in the running for another.

Wilde has replaced Jennifer Garner (who bowed out in deference to pregnancy) in the dark comedy "Better Living Through Chemistry," reported Variety. She'll be playing a married woman who has an affair with a small-town pharmacist, played by Sam Rockwell, with whom she also explores a passion for prescription drugs and a plot to murder her husband. The film co-stars Michelle Monaghan as Rockwell's wife, and Judi Dench is on board to serve as narrator.

Meanwhile, Wilde finds herself in the mix to join Tom Cruise's "Horizons," nee "Oblivion." Wilde, Jessica Chastain, Brit Marling, Noomi Rapace and Olga Kurylenko are among those who will be reading for director Joseph Kosinski's film about a man who is court martialed and exiled to a faraway planet where he must destroy an alien race, but meets a traveler who makes him question everything.

We love Wilde, we've been crushing on her since "The O.C.," and enjoyed her on "House." She is, in the words of Megan Fox, “so sexy, she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox.” And she is by all accounts a pleasant and thoughtful person, but she has had an awful year: "Tron: Legacy," "The Next Three Days," "Cowboys & Aliens" and "The Change-Up" have made roughly $317 million on an aggregate budget of $415 million, and have earned an average score of 42% on Rotten Tomatoes.

To be fair, none of what was wrong was with any of these films was Wilde's fault, but we're starting to wonder how many times her moment can cheat death. Let's hope her next two films, "Butter" and "In Time" can help her turn this ship around.

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