New York Comic Con 2011: Crazy Costumes, Major Marketing

It's that time of year again, when the comic book, anime, video game, and, well, whatever faithful descend on the Big Apple to celebrate.

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It's that time of year again, when comic book, anime, video game, and, well, whatever enthusiasts descend on the Big Apple for a weekend of costumes, giveaways, and other oddities. And we do mean odd. Read on.
New York Comic Con is all about recycling. The flyers are not only printed on recycled paper, they are handed out by recycled people.
The show floor is huge. Imagine the most crowded airports you have ever trudged through. Now imagine them all crammed into the Javits Center.
Hasbro toys set the tone with a giant Optimus Prime staring down the revelers. No, it's not for sale. We asked.
It's "Comic" Con, but the video game presence is huge. Fans line up and wait hours to demo the newest and latest games. Countless booths feature a lot of people standing 2 inches in front of 50-inch plasmas filled with exploding zombies.
The 800-pound gorilla at this year's show is Marvel Studios' "The Avengers." Pictured: A gathering of the world's mightiest PR reps.
Fans got an up-close look at Captain America's brand new costume. It looks a little banged-up, which hints at a less-than-easy ride for the star-spangled Avenger in the upcoming movie.
The booth was populated by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents staring at computer monitors and recruiting potential Agent Coulsons and Nick Furys. It looks like pickings were slim so far.
Why buy action figures when you can be one? Makes for a great photo op.
And you can buy replica guns from some of your favorite video game space marines. Just remember that some people frown upon carrying one of these through the streets of Manhattan, and we call those people the police.
Yes, there are costumes. From the clearly store-bought to the incredibly elaborate (kudos to this particular Hulk), there is people watching a-plenty.
While you do see a lot of female versions of traditionally male characters (female Thors, female Captain Americas) you don't often see male versions of female characters. Except this one. Well played, sir.
Man, look at all the nerds.
You can even find custom furniture for all of your gaming needs. Note the perfect Xbox controller-shaped cushions. New York Comic Con is nothing if not full service.
Again, you never want for "wow"-worthy costumes. This guy put a lot of effort into those giant metal wings. How he navigated the narrow, people-clogged aisles is a mystery to us. Might explain all the random screaming, though.
Clearly there is no such thing as a "bag check" at New York Comic Con.
No, sir, we salute YOU. This intricate costume was constructed out of cardboard, paint, and superhuman patience.
Amid all the obscure anime characters and video game oddballs, you can always count on an appearance from some of the classics. This dynamic duo kept the show floor crime free.
If custom furniture isn't enough to make your home the perfect sci-fi den, how about an ice cube tray that makes each cube a tiny, frozen-in-Carbonite Han Solo?
EMPTY_CAPTION"But there were no female Ghostbusters" you might be saying. Not the point.
Fans also got their first look at the new "Amazing Spider-Man" movie costume. Wonder if there's any significance to the street sign - will something happen on the corner of 39th and 2nd? We'll have to wait until 2012 to find out.
The Legendary Films booth allowed fans to check out an array of props from their films, like a "Superman Returns" Daily Planet newspaper, a "300" war mask, parts of a "Watchman" superhero costume that the baby from "The Hangover"? Yes. Yes it is. We'll see you next year...
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