New on Home Video: “Captain America”, “Attack the Block” & “Winnie the Pooh”


Captain America: The First Avenger
Chris Evans stars as the chemically-enhanced super solider created by a team of scientists to defeat the Red Skull, Hydra and the Nazis. Co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and Hayley Atwell. Read our theatrical review and watch the trailer

Attack the Block
A bunch of London street thugs take up arms against aliens invaders in one of the best loved movies of the year. Read our theatrical review and watch the trailer

Winnie the Pooh
Your favorite honey-loving bear and his friends are back at Hundred Acre Wood in this beautifully hand-drawn cartoon adventure that was totally abandoned by the studio despite being fantastic. Read our theatrical review and watch the trailer

A Little Help
"Office" star Jenna Fischer stars as a single mom struggling to provide for herself and her 12-year-old son in this indie comedy. Watch the trailer

City of Life and Death
The 2009 epic about the Rape of Nanking and its aftermath finally reaches America. Watch the trailer

Faces in the Crowd
Milla Jovovich stars a woman who barely survives an attack from a serial killer and awakens to find she's suffering from face blindness, making it impossible for her to recognize her attacker or anyone else, even her friends and family--this one is going straight-to-video. Watch the trailer

Father of Invention
Kevin Spacey plays a man sent to jail for an invention that accidentally chopped the fingers off people. When he's freed eight years later, he finds himself out of touch with the modern world, technology, his ex-wife and his young daughter, with whom he moves in. Yes, this is the same movie that was released in theaters 11 days ago. Watch the trailer

Pearl Jam Twenty
Director Cameron Crowe looks back at the 20-year history of one of the biggest and influential bands of a generation. Watch the trailer

The People vs. George Lucas
A documentary focusing on the legions of fans whose lives were changed by the original "Star Wars" trilogy and feel betrayed by just about every thing their creator has done since. Watch the trailer

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