The Queen Offers Royal Approval for “The King's Speech”

It’s one thing to watch a movie about the King of England triumphantly overcoming a speech impediment. It’s quite another to have that story be the story of your Father, told by a stranger.

But, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II has expressed her approval of the 12-time nominated “The King’s Speech” after she viewed the film in a private screening, “The Australian” reports.

The film chronicles the relationship between King George VI (Colin Firth) and his dryly-humorous speech therapist, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) as the King overcomes a speech impediment.

Screenwriter David Seidler is “humbled,” according to the “Toronto Sun,” if only because it is a story he’s waited to tell for decades.

Seidler expressed interest in writing George VI’s journey overcoming his speech impediment decades earlier, but, upon consulting the Queen Mother, was forced to wait. The Queen Mum implored Seidler to wait until she had passed away to write about the Royal Family’s struggles.

"When her mother asked me 30 years ago to wait, because the memory of these events were still too painful, I understood the intense feelings that were involved," Seidler told “The Australian.” He finds it highly gratifying that the Queen herself paid homage to the film.

“The fact that Her Majesty has recognized this is incredibly and wonderfully gratifying."

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