Ted Williams Bails on Rehab: Reports

Just because you’ve been there 12 days doesn’t mean you’ve conquered all 12 steps.

Ted Williams, the golden-voiced homeless man from Ohio turned overnight YouTube star, has bailed on a private Texas rehab facility less than two weeks after seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, E! News and TMZ reported.

"He did leave, so we can bring him here to L.A. to an outpatient program," Williams' manager Alfred Battle confirmed to E! on Tuesday. "We're in L.A. now.”

Williams had checked into the Origins Recovery Center after TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw famously convinced him to put his voice over offers on hold.

The "Dr. Phil" heart-to-heart occurred just days after Williams was briefly detained for getting into a heated argument with one of his adult daughters.

Williams’ family also appeared on "Dr. Phil" and said that despite Williams’ sober claims he had been drinking daily.

“I believe rehab needs to be very private and very personal,” McGraw said in offering Williams a shot at treatment. “There will be no cameras, there will be no media. It’s just you focused on you. Fair enough?”

But according to Williams’ manager, what followed wasn’t as advertised.

"We didn't like the whole idea of filming [with a television crew] inside a rehab facility,” Battle told E!. “We were all pretty upset about that. I mean, where's the anonymity?"

In a statement to the site, McGraw emphasized Williams’ decision to seek treatment was “voluntary.”

"We certainly hope that he continues his commitment to sobriety, and we will continue to help and support him in any way that we can,” McGraw said. “We wish him well."

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