Meth Lab Found in Walmart Bathroom Stall

It was unclear why the meth-maker set up shop there, since she was not using Walmart brand pseudephedrine

As any meth aficionado knows, meth labs are portable things.

And as if cleaning toilets in Walmart weren't unpleasant enough, The Gadsden Times reported that a cleaning crew in an Alabama Walmart found an unlike surprise in one bathroom stall — a meth lab.

The "shake and bake" lab — an ultra-portable set-up for making crude meth which carries especially high explosion risks — was found by a cleaning crew in the front women's rest room in the Boaz, Ala., store Saturday morning, police said.

Among the components of the lab, the Times reported: Five empty packets of pseudephedrine, the over-the-counter cold medicine used to produce meth, and an empty plastic water bottle with meth residue inside.

The cleaning crew told store managers, who then called the police. The local police chief said they were still investigating.

The really puzzling thing about the meth lab, police said, was that the pseudephedrine used to make the meth wasn't a brand available at Walmart — making it unclear why the would-be chemist brought the over-the-counter drug into Walmart's bathroom to make the meth there.

Police said they believed the meth-maker removed the meth from the bottle after making it and possibly ingested it right then and there.

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