One Paul Rudd Kiss Not Enough for Costar

Models like kissing short guys, too.  Just ask Paul Rudd.

The charming former Chanel model Stephanie Szostak, who co-starred with Rudd in the new comedy "Dinner for Schmucks," confessed to having fun locking lips with the diminutive funny man.

When asked how many smooch scene takes she had to do with Rudd by the New York Daily News, Szostak answered, "As many as I could."

Szostak said the little "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" actor was a real smooth operator when it came to kissing.  "It wasn't awkward," she told the News.  "I've never had an awkward kissing scene."

Keeping up with the oral fixation, the brunette beauty said that the original, French version of "Dinner for Schmucks" and the current remake are like two different cuts of meat. 

"To me, the American one is like a great juicy steak," Szostak told William and Mary News. "and the French one is like a steak tartare.  Raw."

She explained that in the new version, the characters are still funny but not quite as cruel as the original.

"In the American movie, you like Paul Rudd’s character, and in the French movie, he’s really an a-hole. That’s a big difference," she told

Apparently she liked his character so much she had no trouble with make-up takes of the make-out scenes.

"Dinner for Schmucks," starring Steve Carrel in addition to the two smoochers, out-earned "Inception" to top the box office on Friday, HitFix reported.

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