Dog Gets Medal After Running Half Marathon

Chocolate lab was originally taken to animal control after he finished.

Dogs that run away don't usually have a final destination in mind, but Boogie, the chocolate lab just wanted to get in some cardio.

The canine, who slipped his leash on Friday, joined Saturday's YMCA 13.1 mile Half-Marathon in Evansville, Ind. and ran virtually the entire race before eventually being reunited with his owner. He also finished the race in two hours and 15 minutes, better than half of the runners involved.

"I think he stayed on the track the whole time," owner Jerry Butts told NBC affiliate WFIE.

But unlike the other competitors, Boogie didn't get his medal for finishing the event until yesterday. Originally sent to an animal shelter after his performance, a storm of Facebook comments and an alert by authorities got the attention of his owner, who quickly picked him up. Shortly thereafter, Boogie was reportedly fitted with a tracking microchip and an appointment to be neutered.

Boogie was unavailable to comment on the race and his upcoming surgery.

The animal is also the first dog to ever finish a half marathon without human assistance, Evansville authorities told NBC affiliate, WFIE reported.

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