Katie Couric and Sarah Palin Set for Morning Show Match-Up

The former GOP VP candidate and popular broadcaster are slated to compete on rival networks

Sarah Palin and Katie Couric are going head-to-head again, this time on rival networks.

Palin is slated to co-host NBC's "Today" show on Tuesday, nearly four years after the then-GOP vice presidential candidate accused Couric of unfair treatment and "gotcha journalism" tactics during a now-infamous CBS television interview. Couric will guest-helm ABC's "Good Morning America" this week while regular host Robin Roberts is on vacation.

In a phone interview Monday, "Today's" Matt Lauer teased Palin by asking whether the former Alaska governor's preparation for the gig involved reading "some newspapers." 

"Well that's a fine how-do-you-do," Palin responded.

The bookings are no coincidence, according to The Associated Press. Palin's "Today" appearance is likely intended to take eyeballs off Couric's high-profile return to morning television, nearly six years after she departed the legendary NBC program. (Couric headlined "Today" for 16 years).

In recent months, "GMA" has lagged behind "Today" by a mere 137,000 viewers. According to the New York Daily News, "GMA" is within reach of beating "Today" in the Nielsen race — but that milestone may be stopped in its tracks if Palin gets more attention on Tuesday morning.

Outside of Palin's co-host stint, Tuesday's edition of "Today" will also include "a big announcement" from Ryan Seacrest, according to an official Twitter posting by NBC on Sunday night.

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