Celeb Spa Owner to Join “Real Housewives of New York”

At long last, Bravo revealed the newest New York Housewife—day spa owner Cindy Barshop.  Bravo has been notoriously quiet over who would replace ex-housewife Bethenny Frankel, who left the show for her own series, “Bethenny Getting Married,” which transitioned into “Bethenny Ever After."

Barshop runs the Completely Bare day-spa chain, which has boasted such clientele as “Jersey Shore”’s Pauly D, and The Situation. According to the Post, they’ll make an appearance in the February premier.
But, just how does one land a coveted spot on “The Real Housewives,” the debated “Who’s Who” list for the rich, the fabulous, and those who wish to harbor bourgeoning singer/songwriter aspirations?

First off, it helps to be friends with the other housewives. “[Barshop] has an organic connection to the cast,” Bravo VP of Programming Christian Barcellos told the Post. Meaning, she has good connections to New York society’s elite like Kelly Bensimon and Ramona Singer.

Second, it helps to bring something new to the table. "This show is about self-actualized women,” Barcellos says. “I think viewers will enjoy getting to know and see [Barshop]." Barshop, as an entrepreneur, fits the mold perfectly.

"She's the epitome of the go-go New Yorker who lives downtown in an absolutely fabulous West Village loft," Barcellos said.

Barshop owns three spas in New York, as well as branches in Scarsdale and Palm Beach. She also plays yet another role—single mother to twin girls Zoe and Jesse, who were born last year. The show begins its fourth season next February on Bravo.

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