Kangaroo Hops Along West Texas Road

Officers in West Texas who answered calls about a kangaroo hopping along a road helped capture the pet and return the animal to its owner.

Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said deputies thought dispatchers were crazy when calls came in Tuesday night from people who said they saw a kangaroo.

"They was questioning the call -- you know, 'A kangaroo? In Midland, Texas? There ain't no kangaroos out here. Surely it's got to be something different,'" Painter said. "And they thought the dispatch was crazy, so they went out there and, sure enough, they found him."

Patrol car video shows some of the chase along a rural highway near Midland.

Deputies helped corner the 4-foot-tall kangaroo as the owner offered a treat to the animal and then grabbed the pet.

Painter said Wednesday that Midland County has an exotic animals ordinance and owners must notify the sheriff's office. Authorities are checking to see if a pet kangaroo falls under that category.

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