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‘You Are Hiding in Plain Sight': Indiana Police Release Never-Before-Seen Video, New Audio in Girls' 2017 Killings

"We have a witness. You made mistakes," Superintendent Doug Carter said

Indiana State Police on Monday released never-before-seen video and new audio of the man they believe is responsible for the 2017 killings of two teenage girls found murdered on a hiking trail.

In a shocking turn of events, police said they believe the killer is either currently living in Delphi or previously lived in Delphi and visits or works in the town about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis. 

Superintendent Doug Carter delivered a pointed message to the man police believe responsible for the gruesome deaths, suggesting the murderer could be in the very room where police were addressing reporters and community members Monday.

"We believe you are hiding in plain sight," he said. "For more than two years you never thought we would shift gears to a different investigative strategy, but we have. We likely have interviewed you or someone close to you. We know that this is about power to you and you want to know what we know. One day, you will."  

Carter urged the public to listen to the audio and watch the video carefully. 

"This is not two different people speaking," he said. "Please listen to it very, very, very carefully." 

The footage was taken from one of the girls' phones, just minutes before their deaths, police said. Carter noted the man seen in the footage is walking on a railway bridge. 

"When you see the video watch the perosn’s mannerisms as he walks," Carter said. "Do you recognize the mannerisms as being someone that you might know?" 

The bodies of 14-year-old Liberty German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams were found in February 2017 on a hiking trail near Delphi. The slayings remain unsolved.

Investigators on a multi-agency task force have gone through thousands of leads looking for the man they say forced the teens off the trail, ordering them to go "down the hill."

"A question to you," Carter said in his message to the killer. "What will those closest to you think of when they find out that you brutally murdered two little girls- two children? Only a coward would do such a thing. We are confident that you have told someone what you have done or at the very least they know because of how diffrerent you are since the murders."

Police also released Monday a new composite sketch of the man they believe is responsible for the deaths. They said the suspect is between 18 and 40 years old "but might appear younger than his true age." 

"We have a witness. You made mistakes," Carter said in a statement. "We are coming for you and there's no place for a heartless coward like you to hide that gets his thrill from killing little girls."

In addition, authorities said they are looking to identify the driver of a vehicle that was parked at the old CPS DCS welfare building in the city of Delphi. The car was abandoned on the east side of County Road 300 N next to the Hoosier Heartland Highway between the hours of noon and 5 p.m. on Feb. 14, 2017, Carter said. 

"Never in my career have I stood in front of something like this," he said, growing emotional as he addressed the families of the young girls.

"We’re just beginning. We will not stop," he said.  

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