Mirren's “Love Ranch” Ready for Paying Customers

Four years after ruling in "The Queen," Dame Helen Mirren's movie about running a brothel has finally received a US release date.

Mirren stars with Joe Pesci in "Love Ranch," inspired by the real life story of Joe and Sally Conforte, who opened the first legalized house of prostitution in Nevada, the Mustang Ranch, in 1971. The film was directed by Mirren's husband Taylor Hackford.

After months of business-related legal issues, the movie will open with a limited release in June, according to The Hollywood Reporter. If the movie does well review-wise or business-wise, it will open wider.

The picture is based on an article that appeared in New York Magazine written by Mark Jacobson, who also wrote the screenplay. Any opportunity to bring Mirren back to the screen is a welcome one, but this movie seemed like a particularly amusing jaunt for the celebrated actress. She spent time in a Nevada brothel getting to know her subjects reporting back that she "loved the girls."

Mirren even said there were some similarities between this and her previous role.

"The madam of the brother is very much the queen bee of her world -- the queen of her world," she told me in February. "So there was a kind of similarity."

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